Woman Dragged Under Water & Attacked By 6-Foot Muskie Fish

Tom Miranda / Facebook (left) - globalnews.ca video screenshot (right)

The attack happened on July 25th, 2020 near North Star Village in Minaki, Canada.

While relaxing with a group of friends on the beach along the Winnipeg River, Kim Driver decided to get into the water to go for a swim around 4pm.

Kim was standing in water up to her chest and about 20 feet away from her friends when she let out a scream. Her husband Terry told Vice.com that she was hit with a sharp pain to her leg and instantly yelled out that something had grabbed her.

“All of a sudden she just said, ‘Someone’s got my leg,’ and then started screaming and her arms went up, and she went underwater and we all kind of stood there in complete disbelief and didn’t know what was going on,” Terry recalled.


Kim was being attacked by a 6-foot muskie fish. A muskellunge fish, commonly known as muskie, had bitten Kim’s leg. According to American Expedition, muskies are known to be ambush predators. They hide in the vegetation before they attack their prey. The muskie that attacked Kim was a 6-foot adult muskie that weighed more than 50 pounds.

After the attack, Kim was able to get back to the shore but was bleeding from the bite to her leg. Her husband and his friends came to rescue her but were shocked by the extent of the damage along her right calf.

“It completely engulfed her calf from pretty much knee to ankle,” Terry said.“As soon as we saw the wound and the blood we knew it was a muskie, because we’re all fishermen out there. Nobody’s ever seen one do that before. Nobody’s ever seen one T-bone someone’s calves.”

Fortunately, among the couple’s friends in the beach, nurses helped administer first aid before police officers urged Terry to take his wife to a hospital in Kenora.

While she is still recovering, Kim told Global News that she “was in total disbelief” and “the pain was just horrible.” Her recovery should last for at least 6 weeks before she can go through plastic surgery.

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