Carrie Underwood Shows Up Husband Mike Fisher By Catching Larger Fish

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, recently got the chance to enjoy some much-needed quality time over the course of a weekend. The couple, who just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in July, took off to spend some time in the great outdoors.

Mike posted a pair of pictures from one of their activities…fly fishing! He said the two of them “love” to go fly fishing together, though he admitted Carrie is better at it than he is.

This past weekend we were able to get away for some good quality time! One thing we love to do together is fly fish but the thing I don’t like about it is she catches bigger fish…” Mike wrote.

When you look at the pictures Mike shared, you’ll see how the fish Carrie caught is significantly larger than the one he reeled in!

On top of catching larger fish than her husband, Carrie apparently brings in more fish as well!

She commented on Mike’s post, writing, “I catch more, too,” and included a kissy face emoji for good measure.

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Mike is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, so it may be a tiny bit embarrassing for him to admit that his wife is a better fisherman than he is!

Recently, Carrie and Mike filmed a series called Mike and Carrie: God & Country. In the series, they talk about how their faith has helped them through the many challenges they’ve faced over the course of their relationship.

In the trailer, Carrie speaks about how growing up, she “swore” she’d never marry someone who was a hunter. But she did, and now she and Mike have formed a strong marriage and have a beautiful family.

You can view the trailer for Mike and Carrie: God & Country below.