Joanna Gaines Shares Pic Of Her Natural Hair: “It Takes About 1.5 Hours To Tame”

Joanna Stevens Gaines / Instagram

Joanna Gaines usually appears polished and put together when she appears on television, but the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star is fighting “insecurity” by keeping it real with fans on social media. 

Gaines is known for her silky straight hair, but in an Instagram Story, the mother of five revealed that she does not wake up with perfect locks. Gaines confessed that it takes her an hour and a half to style her dark locks. 

“It takes about 1.5 hours to tame this mane. And since it’s reveal day, I’m going to fix ‘er up,” Gaines wrote. 

Gaines also shared a photo of her natural hair texture. Gaines puts her hands on her hips in the picture as she proudly displays her “mane.”

See the image below.

Joanna Stevens Gaines / Instagram

In Nov. 2020, Gaines gave fans a peek at her natural texture in an Instagram post. In the photo, Gaines dressed up as a younger version of herself. Gaines wore her natural hair pinned up and faked a missing tooth for the comparison. She wrote:

“Not much has changed and I’ll probably regret this photo but it’s worth saying again kids… the world needs who you were made to be!”

For more on Gaines’ struggle and triumph over insecurities, check out the video below.