Chip And Joanna Share Video Of 1-Year-Old Son Skiing

Joanna Gaines / Instagram

Before everyone was in self-quarantine because of the Novel Coronavirus, Chip and Joanna Gaines took their family to the snow to get a little skiing in.

While they have four children above the age of nine, the couple also has a little one, 21-month-old Crew.

They made sure Crew was able to partake in the skiing fun and Joanna posted his first time on the slopes on Instagram for all to see!

Joanna captioned the video, “This is from last weekend when Crew hit the slopes for the first time…I can’t stop watching this video and I wonder how it’s possible that a 1 year old is a better skier than me…

As you press play, you will see little Crew standing on skis with dad Chip right behind him. They begin skiing down a hill with the slightest of inclines. If you look closely, Crew started moving on his own, he didn’t even need a nudge from Chip!

Crew maintained extremely good balance with bent knees, and his little arms out supporting him. He was wearing all the proper ski gear, inducing a helmet!

As he wizzes by the camera, Crew can be heard saying, “Yay! Yay!”

You can also hear his supportive siblings, Duke, Ella, Drake, and Emmie cheering for him in the background. Chip was equally amazed, lifting Crew up in the air and yelling, “What?! What?!”

Watch the cute video below!