Trump Orders Navy Hospital Ships To Depart To Coronavirus-Affected Areas

ABC 10 News / YouTube

President Donald Trump ordered two massive Navy hospital ships to come to the aid of the two coastal cities most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the Navy ships is called the USNS Mercy and is located at a port in San Diego, California. The other ship is called USNS Comfort and it is located in Norfolk, Virginia. According to ABC 10 News, the ships will be used for non-COVID-19 patients so that the hospitals on land can be used for the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump said that one of the ships may be departing for New York soon but the final decision of where both ships will port has not been fully determined yet. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo believes the outbreak will reach its peak in about 45 days and his city may be in need of 110,000 hospital beds and 37,000 ICU beds.–v-dqGxn1lMAFHjPpHnwi-hMyRuVfJC9niyc7aPIqSMEihG0ehbBqLykLvZk9JkehVOnf5N7fho9i2qRJsHNGInySNy7l5CWOwZwXn7GPNHOx6n_b_rnIhwhcRj3UaXn9T0qzAmXa8xhnaDBznklL71l6PO9_C544GmdGuSN2ipTc67XEgzLMPWoQIw78ySj_QJfY5iQ8FvNC-Yq5op4k5kqE_CO0TB1EtaQXNaSc6h700hE8Urenm5IP5wfYzbysNRcEpPvvfMzpHZ54DnCCvrRlZcV3mv3yOFfYADe-fwms&theater

Currently, the state of New York only has 3,000 ICU beds and 53,000 hospital beds. Cuomo is hoping one of the floating hospitals will be fully equipped and there to assist during the peak of the outbreak. The last thing the ships need before departing is medical staff to run them which is expected to be ready within the next few weeks.

Each ship comes equipped with 1,000 rooms that include 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory, a CAT-scan room, a pharmacy, a digital radiological services room, an optometry lab, and two oxygen-producing plants.

ABC News Video Below Gives More Details On The Ships