Julianne Hough’s Hair Almost Went Up In Flames While Dancing With Derek


In preparation for their 2017 Move Beyond: Live Tour kicking off this month, multi-talented siblings Julianne and Derek Hough have been spending day in and day out in the dance studio. While rehearsing one of their most dangerous dances ever, Julianne’s gorgeous blonde hair almost catches on fire.

In an Instagram post featuring the brother-sister duo dancing amidst a fiery blaze, Derek revealed that the flames were real and that “Julianne’s hair almost caught fire several times.”


Yes this is real fire, no post editing. Julianne’s hair almost caught fire several times but it was a risk I was willing to take,” wrote Derek. 🔥😜”THIS SHOW IS GONNA BE LiiiiiiiiiT. “

Their third Move Beyond tour kicks off in the upcoming week in Akron, Ohio. The talented brother-sister duo have played a critical role in the planning of the dance production. The Houghs gave a look into their emotional tour recently on Dancing With the Stars with a deeply personal dance telling the true story of their parents’ divorce.

You can watch their fiery dance as well as their recently debuted dance below!


Motion equals emotion Let’s move our bodies, move our souls, move one another with our kindness and open hearts. MOVE like children with no insecurities or inhibitions. MOVE out of fear, Face Everything And Rise. Let go, drop that weight you’ve been carrying. Lighten your load so that you may run faster and Move Quicker. MOVE with purpose with direction and certainty. MOVE with love bursting out of your chest MOVE towards your dreams MOVE BEYOND your limits MOVE BEYOND your fears, your doubts MOVE BEYOND yourself and help others . For we are one MOVE for and with the light that coerces through your veins and be a force for good. MOVE your voice with strength and passion. Be the voice! I mean this in all seriousness , keep moving. And if others can’t move, MOVE for them. So that you may MOVE their heart and souls. Let there be light Let there be motion For Motion equals emotion And your emotions equal the quality of your life. So let’s not waste another day another minute another second. Come with us And MOVE ! – DH For tickets to see our show this spring check the Link in bio ☝🏼️#moveBeyond #moveliveontour #2017

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