Kasey Kahne’s Ex-Boss Makes Unexpected Confession Days After Letting Him Go

Sean Gardner / Getty Images

Released from his contract a full year earlier than anyone expected, this recent NASCAR winner was left without a ride for 2018 – but it’s what his former boss is saying now that has many people talking.

Formerly racing with one of the most highly-regarded teams in the NASCAR Cup Series, Hendrick Motorsports, Kasey Kahne saw his contract terminated and became a free agent just days ago. Following the revelation of his replacement, team owner Rick Hendrick also made a very surprising confession.

Speaking with NBC Sports NASCAR, Hendrick explained to the publication that while his team and Kahne were not going to continue their for the Cup Series – he was dedicated to helping find Kahne another team. Beyond that, he also hinted that he might be interested in being involved somehow with Kahne’s new setup.

“I’m also trying to help Kasey in another situation that we could be involved with in helping another team,” Hendrick said.

In an article by Autoweek, it’s also stated that Hendrick will continue to pay Kahne throughout 2018 as part of the contract cancellation.

Kahne’s former boss didn’t specify exactly what he was looking to do through his efforts to help out the driver, but he did say that he had some options in mind already.

“I’m not going to mention the team, but I know there are several situations that we’re talking to, kind of an alliance, which would be good for everyone,” Hendrick continued, adding, “We’re working on it. We’ve been working on it and we’ll just see how it develops.”

Many industry insiders have explained that GMS Racing Trucks and Xfinity Series program would be a good fit for both Kahne and Hendrick since they reportedly have been eyeing the Cup Series and already have an agreement with Hendrick, but he remained tight-lipped.

This is an interesting twist in the saga of Kahne’s contract termination – and sheds a little more light on why a team like Hendrick would dump a driver just weeks after they won a race. Granted, Kahne had a lengthy dry spell, but many people believed he was turning things around.

Do you think this means they have something already lined up? Let us know what you think of Rick Hendricks’ statement in the comments.

Watch Kasey Kahne talk about his recent win at the Brickyard 400 in the video below.