Keith Urban Gets Shown Up On Stage By Insanely Talented Fan

Facebook/Keith Urban

When Keith Urban saw a fan holding a sign that read, “Can I play your guitar?” he was a bit skeptical. Urban looked to the person next to the fan whose sign read, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday!”

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After establishing that the fan is a guitar player, Urban invited him on stage.

He introduced himself as Rob and his girlfriend, Lex, spoke highly of him to Urban, even saying that Rob should be Urban’s backup guitarist.

“No pressure!” Urban tells Rob. He then reveals it’s his dream job to become a guitar player.

Let’s grab another one of my guitars real quick. Heck, play this one,” Urban said as he took the guitar off his back and handed it to Rob.

Immediately, Rob started SHREDDING, and the crowd went wild. He even surprised Urban!

They began playing Urban’s song “Good Time,” which has a few very difficult guitar riffs.

Rob definitely held his own with Urban’s band. He and Urban had amazing stage presence together and Rob even looked like he was singing some harmonies. Rob stole the show with his incredible guitar solos and the crowd was loving it.

“Killed it! He totally killed it! That was badass, man,” Urban yelled to the crowd after the performance.

This will be a night Rob will remember forever! Urban even gave him a shout out after the concert.

Check out the performance below.