Keith Urban Gushes Over Nicole Kidman’s Success & It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

extratv / YouTube

Following the massive success of HBO mini series Big Little Lies, a second season for the intended limited series was put into motion. After huge wins in awards season, the BLL cast reunited in Monterey, California last week to begin filming, including Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman.

Kidman told the complicated story of a woman trapped in a psychosexually abusive marriage when she took the role of Celeste Wright in mini seriesThrough her role, Kidman hoped to shine a light on the rarely discussed topic of domestic violence in society.

Proud husband of the Australian actress, Keith Urban, met up with EXTRA TV to dish on how proud he is of his wife and the entire cast on their “girl power” show.

 “It was a huge honor for her to go and to receive that award,” shared Urban. “Them as a team – her and Reese [Witherspoon] – and their production companies are the ones that made this all happen..You wanna see girl power in action, that entire series is all girl power.”

Kidman became a key driving force behind the production of Big Little Lies after reading the book the show is based on, Little Big Lies, by Australian author Liane Moriarty. After finishing the book in one day, the actress flew to Australia the following day to set up a meeting with the author in hopes of making the book into a series. The author gave her blessing on the project on one condition, that Kidman play the role of Celeste.

You can watch the trailer for Big Little Lies below!