Keith Urban Sings At A Pool Party In Music Video For New Song, “Polaroid”

Keith Urban / YouTube

On April 23, Keith Urban began teasing the release of a new song. He shared snippets of the song throughout the day, and also revealed its title…”Polaroid.”

Fans didn’t have long to anticipate the new song’s release. In fact, they only had to wait a few hours, because it dropped at midnight on April 24!

The song has Urban singing about an old Polaroid picture that shows him with someone he eventually fell in love with. But at the time the photo was taken, they were nothing more than strangers.

As he sings, little did he and his loved one know how important that picture would be to them one day. “The night it was taken, I didn’t have a clue, that some day I’d be something more than just a boy in a Polaroid with you,” goes the song.

While speaking with Zane Lowe, Urban said he felt an instant connection to the song, even though he had no hand in writing it. His connection isn’t romantic, like the story told in the song, but rather, involves the friends he hung out with during his early years in Nashville:

When I first moved to Nashville, my band and I lived in this just, rundown, piece-of-crap house, and we had parties all the time, and somebody gave us a Polaroid camera, and we’d take pictures of everybody and put them up on a wall and everything,” he said. “And the idea that this couple in this photograph who were at a party that they didn’t really want to be at … And then, all these years later, they’re still together … I thought was just such a great lyric.”

In addition to sharing the song, Urban also released its music video on the same day. He joined fans for the live premiere at 10 AM ET.

The fun video carries a summertime vibe, and shows a group of people hanging out at a pool party. Occasionally, all of the party guests freeze in place, illustrating how a Polaroid captures a frozen moment in time. Urban is the only one who remains moving throughout the whole video, as he makes his way around the party and jams out on his guitar.

Tune in below to catch the official music video for Urban’s new song “Polaroid.” He may have another hit on his hands with this one!