9 Individuals Charged During Lockdown For Feeding Wild Boars

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Wildlife Management National Parks group director, Dr. Adrian Loo, said that nine people were charged with a fine after being caught feeding and watching a herd of 15 to 20 wild boars in Lorong Halus, Singapore.

The country of Singapore is currently in a lockdown and the main reason they are being fined is for carrying out non-essential activities and gathering at the site to watch the hogs eat.

One of the onlookers took a video of them which later surfaced on the internet showing a man standing in the middle of the herd while two other men threw him large plastic bags filled with bread. The hogs gathered around the man as he opened the bags and threw the bread onto the ground.

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The Wifelife Management team said they have warmed people many times to keep a safe distance and not feed the hogs because they’re wild and unpredictable animals. In 2018, a pregnant woman was attacked by a wild hog not too far from the site where the group was and she was left seriously injured.

Dr. Loo further added that feeding the animals will cause them to venture more into urban areas and wander onto roads in search of food. A new Wildlife Act was passed in Singapore and will come into full effect later in the year that will allow the WMNP to take action on folks feeding wild animals without the Director-General’s pre-approval.

The charges for first-time offenders are $5,000 and then up to $10,000 if repeated again. If they violated the rule a third time, an individual could spend up to six months in jail.

Watch The Wild Hog Feeding Video Below