Todd Chrisley Says COVID-19 Made Him “Deathly Ill” & He Contracted It From His Nanny

Instagram / Todd Chrisley

The famous reality TV star and real estate mogul is opening up about his terrifying battle with the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19. Calling it “the sickest” he’s ever been, Todd Chrisley explains exactly how he thinks he contracted it and what his symptoms were like.

The star of Chrisley Knows Best opened up just a few weeks ago about his battle against the pandemic virus in a recent episode of the family’s podcast Chrisley Confessions.

“Can we talk about this b**** called corona?” Chrisley said, as transcribed by E! News. “I have been battling corona for 3 weeks. I was in the hospital for 4 and a half days, fever between 100 to 103 [degrees] and it has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth.”

According to Todd, he is still in the midst of his battle against COVID-19 as it continues to drag on for nearly a month.

“Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders. I am probably about 70 to 75 percent of what I normally I am, but that last 25 percent is kicking my ass.”

In a brand-new video chat with E! News’ “In The Room” segment, Todd Chrisley and his daughter Savannah sat down and explained just how torturesome the whole ordeal was.

At one point, Todd even said that he was “deathly ill” and more ill than he had ever been in his entire life. He said the state of horrible illness endured for more than three weeks, leaving him debilitated and violently ill with the symptoms.

“It was truly was one of the worst sicknesses I have ever had.”

Todd then goes on to explain that the family’s nanny was actually the first person in the household to contract the disease and he believes it came from her.

Luckily, they both have made full recoveries from this virus and the related illness. Watch Todd Chrisley’s full interview with E! News below.