Kelly Clarkson Puts Female Twist On Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here”

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Yep, Kelly Clarkson just did that! Taking on her fellow Voice co-star’s song, Clarkson just did her own rendition of Blake Shelton‘s “Boys’ Round Here” in the sassiest way possible.

Minute + a Glass of Wine

While on her Meaning Of Life Tour, Clarkson has been giving fans a whirlwind of surprises. From police officer sing-offs to heartwrenching covers, this powerhouse is the ultimate performer. Another special treat she’s created on tour is her Minute + a Glass of Wine segment. This allows fans to get interactive both at the show and live online.

At her past shows, she’s taken on several artists and their hit songs with flying colors. This time – she decided to take on one of her fellow friends, the one and only Blake Shelton. While it’s no doubt that Clarkson has insane talent, fans wondered how she was going to pull off the country star’s hit, “Boys ‘Round Here.” Turns out, she had a little something up her sleeve.–RUEV5YoSNAiQAPoRpib2vZ5y1DsALe1ML5osMHm1r-8tdBmyezWLmlCzYoEE8F6Kb8L-U50xaQu6ucmZtfxiWZDn0qtBdHZ5d1RRnclMBFxiCpmg6ViY-gN7a3_9sStHlvNd9vocmCJDhWW4gul52zEMHUwuiDopOKYzPy5i4KjaISm9BKDoY9HUGf0TbEXH1iRvLrY26Goprul6ZP-lr_ud1wEmqD1DGxipNvfLj01l66qEGwRqRlN15T7tQA0iDU7ARc2MyJL5p21bkkLiuVTfDNfhhyTGLwLON1v0wRC8xgRKyBHUcaunjlg69pYnzQLWwLTZ3J0dHdC-pI9YY2X1UPGtcnUTqNQA&theater

Girls ‘Round Here

In a stunning, fringed, little black dress and red lips, Clarkson serenaded the crowd with her version, “Girls ‘Round Here.” Her changed up lyrics went a little something like this,

“Yeah the girls ’round here, drinking that ice cold beer. Talkin’ ’bout boys, talkin’ about trucks. Runnin’ them red dirt roads out, kicking up dust.”

It got even better after the first half of the chorus,

“Backwoods legit, and don’t take no lip. Come on over honey, have you ever been kissed with some red red red red red red red red red red lips?”

Blake’s Reaction

Clarkson definitely did not disappoint – even Shelton approved! The country singer posted Clarkson’s video to his own Facebook hysterically reminding his fans that they’ll hear the original on his Friends and Heroes Tour starting Feb. 14!

These two might have some friendly competition while on The Voice but Clarkson just proved she can hold her ground when it comes to Shelton!

Now, who else wants a duet?!