Kelly Clarkson Sings Spunky Cover Of “Sold” By John Michael Montgomery

(Left) Beth Gwinn/Contributor/ Getty Images / (Right) The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold” Gets The “Kellyoke” Treatment

Kelly Clarkson offered a nod to John Michael Montgomery by covering his fast-paced hit, “Sold,” on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Robb Royer and Richard Fagan co-wrote “Sold,” which Montgomery released in 1995. The song is a tongue-twister of sorts, as Montgomery adopts an auctioneer-like tone while singing about “bidding his heart goodbye” to a beautiful woman.

“Sold” secured the #1 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart in the United States. By the end of 1995, “Sold” ranked as the #1 country song of the entire year.

Due to its rapid pace, “Sold” is not an easy song to sing. But Clarkson was up to the challenge!

She tackled the track during the “Kellyoke” segment of her namesake talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. Over the years, we’ve heard Clarkson share “Kellyoke” covers of many other country classics, including Reba McEntire’s “Till You Love Me,” Keith Urban’s “Raining on Sunday,” and The Judds’ “Why Not Me.”

Fans React After Hearing Kelly Sing “Sold”

Clarkson delivered a spunky rendition of “Sold” that remained faithful to Montgomery’s original style. The American Idol winner had a huge smile on her face as she sang, making it clear she was having a blast!


Kelly Clarkson covered "Sold" on her talk show
The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

Fans also had fun listening to Clarkson sing “Sold.” Many people reacted to the performance in the comments section of the YouTube video, writing things such as:

“She has to be THE best vocalist currently. No one has that much talent. She makes every song she sings better.”

“She needs to release a country album next.”

“That’s the way to sing a country song like this. Bravo!”

“Great breath control and enunciation on that song!!”

“I tell you… I love country music with Kelly Clarkson! Right on!”

“One of my old favorites Love it it’s such a fun song it always was! The control she has over her breathing is nuts because that song does not give you much time to breathe.”

“Congratulations on the ability to get all those words Kelly. Great performance as always!”

You can enjoy Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “Sold” in the video below. Hats off to her for conquering such a difficult song!