Kelsea Ballerini Performs ‘Landslide’ At 2018 Live Show

Youtube / kittymaster34

It’s one iconic and classic song that has been covered a numerous amount of times. From its soft ballad to meaningful lyrics, the heartfelt tune is known to resurface a plentiful of emotions. Originally written by Stevie Nicks and performed by Fleetwood Mac, the famous tune “Landslide” has become a world-renowned smash. Since its release, several artists have done their own renditions of the song including Dixie Chicks, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Miley Cyrus.

One of the latest renditions of the song will have you in awe. Country pop singer, Kelsea Ballerini has been making quite the name for herself in Nashville. The ambitious singer moved to Nashville when she was a teen in hopes of finding her way to country fame. Thankfully over the years, the star has a successful time doing so.


During her show in Toledo, Ohio in mid-October, the singer took to the stage telling her story.

“I moved to Nashville when I was 15 years old to do exactly this. And my first ever opportunity, my first ever shot, was as a songwriter. And I feel like in my career, I’ve learned the most by finding those songs and listening to those songs that kind of defy genres and defy generations, and that just stick out and matter.”

Continuing on, she asks the audience,

“Tonight I just wanted to play you one of my favorite songs that has ever been written. Is that alright?.”

Youtube / kittymaster34

After the crowd’s loud approval, she begins to play “Landslide.” Her raw vocals paired with the acoustics of the guitar balanced each other perfectly. Although Ballerini’s smooth vocals shined through the rendition, she encouraged the crowd to sing along with her; with everyone complying.

The 2017 Grammy Best New Artist nominee has released a series of hits. Her 2014 single “Love Me Like You Mean It” reached platinum and gold with her 2017 single “Legends” not falling far behind. The music video for “Legends” was nominated for an ACM award in 2018 for Video of the Year. Two of her songs from her Unapologetically 2018 album, “I Hate Love Songs” and “Miss Me More” have been hanging on the charts for weeks.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s magical vocals in her rendition of “Landslide” below.