What Did Keith Urban Say That Left Blake Shelton Laughing Like Wild?

The Voice / YouTube

Some of The Voice‘s most hysterical moments don’t ever make it on to the air. Many of these moments take place during rehearsals, and The Voice later shares them in outtakes clips online.

The Voice / YouTube

You can always count on a good dose of comedy whenever the team advisors come into the picture. Since many of the advisors are friends of the coaches they work with, they know them well enough to engage in some friendly banter.

Some of the most comical exchanges take place between Blake Shelton and whoever his advisor is for that given season. Just take this clip from Trace Adkins‘ stint as Shelton’s team advisor as a prime example.

So when it was announced that Keith Urban would be joining The Voice as Shelton’s advisor for Season 15, fans prepared themselves for a wave of hilarious moments to follow.

One of those was showcased in a Voice outtakes clip, which even titled itself after the rib-tickling moment. But just from reading the title alone (“Keith Urban Describes an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve”), you probably wouldn’t expect it to be that funny of a story.

But it is, believe us!

The Voice / YouTube

During rehearsals, Urban started telling one of the contestants about a memorable New Year’s Eve he experienced in Madison, Wisconsin. As he explained, he was staying with friends at their place, where it snowed.

…Of course I grew up in Australia…where I grew up there’s no snow, nothing…and I was so amazed at all the snow,” he said.

By this point Shelton was already laughing like crazy. Either he knew how Urban’s story was going to end, or he just found it hysterical that someone could be so intrigued by snow!

The Voice / YouTube

Going on, Urban explained that since he was so mesmerized by the snow he was more than willing to go outside and help shovel the driveway.

But that excitement soon faded away. Urban said no more than “six seconds” passed before he was huffing and puffing. He regretted his decision big time!

The Voice / YouTube

Of course, Urban’s friends found the whole thing hilarious.And I look inside and they’re all inside laughing their a– off at the window,” he said.

You know who else was laughing like wild? Shelton! He was clearly amused at the thought of Urban being so excited to shovel snow.

Listen to that hysterical story in its entirety by tuning in to the clip below. You’ll be laughing right along with Shelton in no time at all!