Bobby Bones & DWTS Partner Talk Romance Rumors – Is “Love” In The Air?

Instagram / Sharna Burgess

The chemistry is undeniable as the dancing duo performs every week. From the beginning of the Dancing With The Stars season, on-air radio personality Bobby Bones and partner Sharna Burgess have sparked romance rumors. The couple has been waltzing around the stage on the 27th season of DWTS but fans suspect it might be more than just dancing going on behind the scenes.

The Steamy Tension

Of course, it’s no doubt that Bones and Burgess spend a lot of time together due to rehearsals but a majority of their live performances reveal affection amongst the pair. The theme for last week’s show was Disney night. The dancing duo dressed up as Ariel and Prince Eric swaying and swinging across the stage to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

It wasn’t the Disney tune that caught the audience’s attention though. During their performance, the duo had several steamy moments where they almost locked lips. Being that the dance moves were all a part of their choreography, it’s not unusual to think the chemistry might just be real.

Youtube / Dancing With The Stars

The Burning Question

After their passionate performance, Entertainment Tonight held an interview with the duo dishing all things dance and love related. When the interviewer asked, “The fans love you guys together. What do you attribute the chemistry to?” Bones quickly answered,

“We’re in love.”

While Burgess burst into laughter, Bones continued,

“Well I mean you can be in love in many ways. We spend a lot of time together and if you don’t absoutley think the other person is awesome, you’ll kill eachother. Like I’m in love with some of my best friends too.”

Although the couple never actually says “no” to the rumors, their responses hinted that they are not seeing each other. Burgess responded by saying:

“I think we’re two people that, from the beginning, are just really blunt and honest with each other and that allowed us to get to know each other very very quickly. We’ve bonded a lot, I do love him. That’s not a lie.”


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If Not Her, Then Who?

Contrary to popular belief, it appears this Disney duo was just ‘playing love’ for the night. There is some suspicion that Bones is, in fact, dating someone though. The radio-show host posted to his Instagram story last week telling fans he was done answering the “who are you dating” questions that are showing up in his direct messages often. It’s clear he has no intention of revealing his love-life to the world anytime soon.

Watch the interview below and decide for yourself if this pair is meant to be.