Toddler Falls Asleep While Driving Toy Truck


Being the only kid on the block with a pickup can be tough. You’re constantly being asked to help neighbors move and everyone wants a ride in it. That must be why one little boy was so exhausted, he dozed off while giving a friend a lift!

There’s Something Women Like About a Pickup Man

Just as Joe Diffie learned at a young age, this little tike is learning that owning a pickup is hard work – but a quick way to make friends. He has a sweetheart in the seat next to him who is joining him in the drowsy driving experience as they both nod off.

All “Truckered” Out

And while Diffie never fell asleep at the wheel like this kid did, we know he’d be proud to see the next generation joining in on the pickup truck trend. As the boy drives around, he tries to keep his tiny eyes open but they keep wanting to shut. He does a full circle with his passed-out friend in the passenger seat before stopping!

Inside Edition / YouTube

No Cops In Sight

Lucky for this little guy, there were no cops around to catch his recklessly tired driving. He came dangerously close to wrecking the fence but the drowsy driver barely missed it! Looks like someone was hitting the (milk) bottle a little too hard.

All jokes aside, we are happy to see that kids are still enjoying the simple things in life and going outdoors – even if they fall asleep while doing it. You can watch the full adorable video below.