Luke Bryan’s Wife Catches Teen Nephew In Hysterical Costume

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

If there’s one country music spouse you should follow on social media, it’s Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan‘s wife.

A lot of people have discovered the greatness that is her Instagram over the past few months since her profile has gone from private to public. She uses her Instagram in many different ways.

Spreading Awareness

Caroline uses her platform to spread awareness about things that are important to her, like her organization in honor of her late niece, The Brett Boyer Foundation.

The foundation also has a farm, called Brett’s Barn, that houses farm animals including goats, pigs, horses, and even kangaroos!

Mother-In-Law Love

Another way she uses it is to highlight some of her favorite mother-in-law moments. Caroline and Luke’s mom, LeClaire, are two peas in a pod, and make us crack up every time they are together!

Our Favorite Part

But our favorite part of her Instagram is when she posts about her family, whether it be to embarrass them or love on them. She and Luke are proud parents to sons Bo and Tate, and since Luke’s sister Kelly and her husband Ben each sadly passed away, they took in their three children, Til, Jordan, and Kris.

Because Til is just 16, he lives with the Bryans full time, but his sisters are college aged – so they are away at school most of the year. Taking in older children was a change for Caroline and Luke, whose sons were both under six years old when Til came to live with them in 2014.

Too Good Not To Share With Y’all

In what is probably one of the funnier posts she’s made in a while, Caroline uploaded a video of her catching Til in his Halloween costume, which was a little…unconventional.

“Teenagers are weird,” she captioned the video. 

The footage showed him walking around his room and the hallway in what looks like a girl’s lion costume, but it was really a short skirt with a furry hood, and tall furry boots to match!

I’m a little concerned about you,” Caroline told him.

You don’t like it?” he asked her.

After giggling for a little, she responded, “I wish I had your legs!

How would you react if you saw your nephew wearing something like this!? Luckily, this family is known for their great sense of humor! Watch Caroline’s reaction to Til’s costume in the video below.