Bobby Bones’ Chemistry With Partner Heats Up During DWTS Disney Week

Bobby Bones / Twitter

Dancing With The Stars got Disney-fied this week as their competitors each picked one classic Disney song to dance to. While all their numbers were jaw-dropping, Bobby Bones and his partner Sharna stole the show with their The Little Mermaid-inspired waltz.

The show opened up with the cast and crew wondering where Mickey Mouse was. As two young kids ran around looking for the famous mouse, they passed the different dancers practicing in the hallways backstage.

Dancing With The Stars / YouTube

When they ran by Bobby Bones and Goofy, the fun-loving characters were doing “the floss” in the background – a small joke referring back to Bones’ controversial dance moves from a few weeks back.

Dancing With The Stars / YouTube

As the show continued, each couple took on a different style of dance – from foxtrots to contemporary, they all put their best dancing foot forward. We saw Mulan, Rapunzel, The Incredibles and many more of our favorite Disney characters come to life on stage.


But the real show-stoppers were Bobby Bones and his partner Sharna Burgess. It should have been a given that they would choose Ariel because Sharna has been rocking her bright red hair all season – and fans love it!

The two started off separated on stage, Sharna perched on a rock while wearing a beautiful mermaid outfit that showed off her toned physique and Bobby stood at attention dressed as Prince Eric.

Dancing With The Stars / YouTube

From there the two dancers sashed and waltzed right into our hearts with their steamy performance of “Part of Your World.” Their chemistry together has definitely grown over the past few episodes – and it really showed this week!

Dancing With The Stars / YouTube

These two have been going full-throttle for the past few episodes, but do they have what it takes to win it all? You can watch their bubbly performance below and let us know what you think in the comments!