Singer’s Take On Josh Turner’s ‘Your Man’ Earns Him Spot On ‘The Voice of Germany’

The Voice of Germany - Offiziell / YouTube

Although America is known for its several different singing competitions, other European countries are not far behind! The German reality talent show, The Voice of Germany began its reign in fall of 2011. Similar to The Voice here in America, there are four coaches all of whom are recording artists themselves. The three phases of the show consist of a blind audition, a battle phase, and live performance shows.

On Season 8 of the show, one deep-voiced performer shocked the panel of coaches. As all the judges’ chairs were facing the opposite direction of the singer, he is hidden behind a curtain. Therefore, the audience can’t see him and even when the coaches turn they still won’t know his identity until post-performance.

Youtube / The Voice of Germany

From the first note, the coaches were in awe, two of them even jumping out of their chairs! The mysterious singer did a Josh Turner rendition of “Your Man” for his first audition. Well knowing this song isn’t a breeze in the park to sing, the coaches were completely impressed. After the first verse, two of the coaches were quick to hit their buttons and give the singer their approval.

Not only were the judges impressed but the crowd went wild! His family backstage shared quite a few tears as the singer continued to rock this rendition. After his performance, the coaches exchanged a series of comments regarding this unexpected song choice and vocal range. Once the curtain dropped though, all their jaws dropped. Behind the curtain was Alexander Eder, a tall, muscular, and a quite handsome man!

Watch this awe-inspiring performance of “Your Man” below!