Kenny Rogers Sings About Love In 1980 Performance Of ‘Lady’

Robin Francis / YouTube

Country Music Hall Of Famer Kenny Rogers, perhaps most commonly known for his iconic classic “The Gambler,” took to an open stage for a performance of “Lady.” The performance was filmed shortly after the release of the song in 1980 and was uploaded to YouTube in 2009.

With more than 50 million views and counting, this ballad titled “Lady,” written by the one-and-only Lionel Richie continues to make women swoon with the smooth combination of Rogers’ velvety voice coincided with an incredibly well-written story of undying love.

This song became groundbreaking for the music industry seeing that it contained collaborations from both the R&B genre that Richie showcased, in addition to the prominent country influence that Rogers was able to pull from his long worn cowboy boot.

Rogers recently held a farewell concert titled “All In For The Gambler” and was honored by country stars of today and yesterday, finishing out the concert with his duet partner Dolly Parton. They literally dropped their mics after their incredible “Islands In The Stream” duet!

After an unprecedented career that spanned more than six decades, “Lady” was a preferred ballad of choice during Rogers’ live performances. Check out a live performance of the classic below!