Kevin Costner’s Wife Responds To His Claim That She Won’t Move Out


Kevin Costner‘s wife, Christine Baumgartner, has hit back at the veteran actor’s recent allegations that she refuses to move out of their marital home. This battle is heating up like a wildfire in Yellowstone!

Baumgartner’s lawyers wasted no time firing back at Costner, claiming that he has no legal basis for trying to kick her and their children out of the only home they’ve ever known.

According to court documents obtained by Insider, Baumgartner’s lawyer, John Rydell, boldly stated, Although the legal basis for Kevin’s request to kick his wife and children out of their home is all but nonexistent, this is still a matter of critical importance for Christine.

Kevin Costner’s Wife Christine Refuses To Move Out

Rydell didn’t hold back when he criticized Costner’s attorney, Laura Wasser, for refusing to delay a hearing where a judge will decide whether the actor’s request to bar his ex from living in his lavish $145 million compound will be granted. Ooh, the tension is mounting, and it’s about to reach its boiling point!

According to a declaration he made to the courts on June 8, the “Yellowstone” star revealed that he never wanted to find himself without a home base again after his previous divorce. To ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself, Costner made it crystal clear to Baumgartner before they tied the knot in 2004 that his separate property residences were off-limits, come what may.

Costner has reportedly agreed to give Baumgartner a whopping $1 million towards a new home, along with covering her mortgage, insurance, and taxes on the new house for a whole year.

Now, that’s what we call a generous settlement! However, the actor is pushing for joint custody of their three children, asserting that their mother’s departure won’t cause any major disruptions in their lives.

As we eagerly await the judge’s ruling on whether to delay the hearing or ban Baumgartner from Costner’s luxurious compound, let’s not forget the storm that’s been brewing behind the scenes of “Yellowstone.” A feisty feud between Costner and co-creator Taylor Sheridan reportedly caused delays in the show’s fifth and final season.

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