Kid Rock Brought Massive Middle Finger Statue To Nashville

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You haven’t seen anything – until you’ve seen this massive 700-pound middle finger statue that’s headed to Nashville courtesy of the one-and-only Kid Rock.

The Detroit-born musician is known for pushing the limits, stirring up some fun in the media, and definitely getting people to talk. Also, he’s known for his love of flipping the bird – it’s even graced one of his CD covers.

The story of how this “big bird” statue came to Nashville is one that you probably won’t believe – so sit back, because it just gets more wild from here.

Back in November 2018, a Westford, Vermont man named Ted Pelkey is just a normal small business owner who’s looking for the best way to trim his expenses while also streamline his operations. This is why he wanted to move from a shop he rents about 25 miles away. His idea was to build a new shop on his own property and operate out of there.

Well, the town of Westford told him no. So, Pelkey showed them what he thought.

Ted Pelkey / WCNC

Not only did he commission a local artist to build him a giant 700-pound / seven-foot-tall statue of a hand giving the middle finger salute – but he mounted it on a 14-foot-tall pole on his property…and installed lights so it’s visible at all times of the day.

“This is for the people who run the town of Westford,” Ted Pelkey told WCAX News when the statue was installed in December 2018.

The statue, which is visited every day and has become somewhat of a tourist attraction for folks traveling through on Route 128, also has gained national media attention – and with that, the attention of Kid Rock.

In an interview with local news station WCAX 3, Pelkey revealed just how he came into contact with Kid Rock from his protest statue – and how he didn’t even believe it at first!

Kid Rock called and left Pelkey a message: “Hey Ted, Merry Christmas. It’s Bob Ritchie, Kid Rock.” 

The message came through just shortly before Christmas 2018. The Southern rock star told Pelkey “I like your style. I gotta have one of those on my property here in Nashville.” 

So, the local Vermont artist whipped out a chainsaw and got to work right away on a second middle finger carving for Kid Rock. And it’s locked and loaded ready to be shipped all the way to Nashville for display wherever the singer sees fit.

The second “Big Bird” is supposed to be delivered sometime in May to Kid Rock.

Check out the full news report below – and let us know if you’d take a trip to visit this massive new statue!