Kid Rock Cancels Annual “Fish Fry” – And Here’s Why

What was supposed to be the 5th Annual Kid Rock’s Fish Fry in the heart of Nashville has now been canceled just several months before its usual October dates. For fans who have been going since the inaugural event – it’s surely a disappointment, but there’s a reason for the cancellation. Kid Rock took to […] More

Hank Jr. Is Going On Tour With Kid Rock

Two of the biggest badasses in all of country music are uniting for a series of shows that are sure to blow the roof off any venue they are appearing at – and the crowd is in for a real treat! Both Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. have been friends for years – they […] More

Kid Rock Brought Massive Middle Finger Statue To Nashville

You haven’t seen anything – until you’ve seen this massive 700-pound middle finger statue that’s headed to Nashville courtesy of the one-and-only Kid Rock. The Detroit-born musician is known for pushing the limits, stirring up some fun in the media, and definitely getting people to talk. Also, he’s known for his love of flipping the […] More

Prepare To Cry When You Read Kid Rock’s Sweet Words For Ailing Aretha Franklin

Global singing icon Aretha Franklin is being showered with affectionate messages after the public learned that her health has seriously declined. Evrod Cassimy, an anchor at Detroit news station WDIV Local 4, tweeted on Monday (August 13) that the Queen of Soul is “gravely ill.” He spoke to Franklin’s family about her condition, who relayed her request […] More

Why Kid Rock Apologized To Fans

Last summer, musician Kid Rock was at the center of many rumors, one of which being that he would be making a career change and heading into politics. Posted by Kid Rock on Monday, July 17, 2017 Specifically, the rumors said that he’d be running for US Senate, in hopes of representing his home state […] More

Kid Rock & Hank Williams Jr. Jam Out To “Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”

On a special of CMT Crossroads, rockstar Kid Rock joined country singer Hank Williams Jr. for a duet of Williams’ barroom ballad “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.” The two musicians are longtime friends and collaborators, putting out multiple southern state anthems such as “The F Word” in 2002 and “Redneck Paradise” in 2013. Each artist is a legend in their respective genre […] More