Kid Rock Mourns Death Of His Son’s Godmother

(Left) Kid Rock / Facebook / (Right) Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home via Kid Rock / Facebook

Kid Rock’s Dear Friend Donna Yakes Dies

Donna Yakes, one of Kid Rock’s dearest friends and his son’s godmother, has died.

Kid Rock shared the news about Donna’s death in a Facebook post on Tuesday (April 9). He said, “There are some extra special people that come into your life and Donna Yakes was at the top of that list.”

The “Picture” singer remembered Donna as someone with “a heart of gold.” He called her “the ultimate homemaker and nurturer.”

He added, “I will forever be indebted to her and her family and will FOREVER cherish her smile, her laugh, her pranks, her cooking, our gatherings, and always being there for us. I know there is a special place in heaven for people like her.


Kid Rock's son's godmother, Donna Yakes
Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home via Kid Rock / Facebook

Kid Rock Asked Donna & Her Husband To Be His Son’s Godparents

Kid Rock welcomed his son, Robert James Ritchie, Jr., in 1993. He asked Donna and her husband Tom to be the boy’s godparents.

But to Kid Rock, Donna was “so much more” than his son’s godmother. On top of looking after young Robert, Donna also made it possible for Kid Rock to chase his musical dreams.

They looked after my son often (and many times myself) and made it possible for me to pursue my career, especially in the early days, when I was making very little money, playing small clubs and working on music as much as possible,” Kid Rock shared.

Kid Rock is pictured here with his son, Robert James Ritchie, Jr., whose godmother recently passed away
Kid Rock is pictured here with his now-adult son. Photo Credit: Kid Rock / Facebook

Donna Yakes Was 68 Years Old

Kid Rock also shared Donna’s obituary. She was 68 years old when she passed away in Farmington Hills, Michigan on Monday (April 8). Kid Rock is from Romeo, Michigan, which is about an hour’s drive from Farmington Hills.

The obituary detailed Donna’s passion for sewing and homemaking. It describes how “She poured her heart into creating a warm and inviting home for her loved ones.”

Donna also enjoyed making memories with her family at their cabin in Temple, Michigan.

The obituary also described how much Donna loved Kid Rock and his music. She always looked forward to attending the Kid Rock Cruise with her husband every year.

Kid Rock loved Donna deeply in return. He ended his tribute to her by writing, “I love you with all my heart. Bob Ritchie / Kid Rock.

Read Kid Rock’s full tribute to his son’s godmother, Donna Yakes, in the post below. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time.