Kid Rock Explores Origins Of Rock In 2018 Video “American Rock ‘N Roll”

YouTube/Kid Rock

The roots of real, raw, and hard-hitting American rock and roll music come from a wide number of performers through the decades, and that history is acknowledged in huge ways through Kid Rock’s song, “American Rock ‘N Roll.”

Straight from his 2018 album, Sweet Southern Sugar, Rock’s song (and fourth album single) praises the deep-running roots of rock and roll music that spawned from a variety of genres and styles like Motown, Memphis blues, country, jazz, R&B, and even gospel.

In the music video for this song, Rock explores the origins of rock and roll through both the lyrics, enchanting melody, and a massive collection of video clips and images played on a huge screen behind him.

“Go, wide open, it’s a pedal down kind of a thing
Little bit of Mo-Town smooth
A little bit of Memphis Blues
A sea of emotion raining all over me
Give me that heart and that soul
American rock ‘n roll”

This smooth, bluesy, jazzy, and rock-centered song really epitomizes the history of rock and roll – beginning with Hank Williams, bringing Elvis Presley into it, and even nods at Willie Nelson as some of the big-name players who contributed to the rise of this unforgettable music.

Watch Kid Rock’s newest video below and let us know what you think about it!