Kid Rock Drinks Beer With Joe Rogan While Discussing Viral Bud Light Video


Less than a year after unintentionally sparking a boycott of Bud Light, Kid Rock opened up to Joe Rogan about the now-viral video and where he stands with the brand now.

Kid Rock recently sat down for an interview with Joe Rogan where the men had a 3 1/2-hour conversation about everything from the gold toilets he installed in his Nashville mansion and his duet with Sheryl Crow to his “tantrum” over Bud Light’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

The musician inadvertently ignited a firestorm again Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch, in April 2023 when he shared a video of himself shooting cases of the beer. In the video, Kid Rock made it clear that he wasn’t happy about the brand’s decision to partner with transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney.


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While Kid Rock never called for a boycott himself, his fans took the initiative to implement a ban of the company’s products in order to show their disdain for the partnership.

“Man, I was just having fun, to be honest with you,” Rock told Rogan, admitting that he became the face of the boycott, but not the voice. “I was pissed, but it wasn’t like it was going to wreck my day, let alone my life.”


Kid Rock went on to share that he met Anheuser-Busch CEO, Brendan Whitworth, at a UFC event the musician attended with former president Donald Trump. After visiting with the beer executive, Kid Rock declared that Whitworth was someone he could be friends with and invited him to Nashville.

Whitworth and his team visited Kid Rock in Music City where the men cemented their friendship over food, Bud Light and bowling. During the visit, they also discussed a possible partnership. But, Kid Rock ultimately nixed the idea of a partnership, telling the beverage company, “I don’t feel right taking your money. We can continue the conversation and see where it ends up. But honestly, I don’t want any corporate deals. I don’t feel right. There’s not a penny on earth that could make me change who I am or have people look at me in a different way.”

Kid Rock went on to praise Anheuser-Busch, saying that they messed up, but overall has done a lot of great things.

“I’m not someone who holds a … grudge his whole life,” the musician said, adding that he told company execs, “I don’t want to hold your head under water … you got the message.”

As Joe Rogan and Kid Rock are talking, someone brings the men cans of Bud Light, leading Kid Rock to share that the company sent his 100 cases of the beverage for his birthday.

“It was hilarious. Truck rolled up…” Kid Rock said. “My friends have been bringing [Bud Light] over, shoving it in my golf bags since … ‘Machine Gun Gate.'”

The rocker reiterated that he is against cancel culture and never called for a boycott.

Watch Joe Rogan’s interview with Kid Rock in the video below. (Explicit language warning!)