Koala Causes 6-Car Pileup on Australian Highway

9 News Adelaide / Facebook

Nadia Tugwell was traveling down a road in Adelaide, Australia one day when she drove up on a six-car pile-up that was caused by a koala now calmly sitting in the middle of the road.

“The koala was absolutely not damaged in any way,” Nadia told AP News. “It was very active, but very calm.”

There was also a concrete traffic divider in the middle of the road preventing the koala from crossing to the other side so Nadia grabbed her jacket and used it to throw over the koala’s eyes. She said she learned from a past experience that covering their eyes calms them down and doing so she could remove it from the road.

Nadia picked the koala up and put it in the back of her car and drove to the nearest gas station where she could safely park and contact a wildlife rescuer. At this point, the koala began climbing from the backseat to the front of the car with Nadia.

“It decided to come to the front towards me, so I said, ‘OK, you stay here. I’ll get out,’” Nadia explained. “It started sitting for a while on the steering wheel [as if it was] saying ‘let’s go for a drive,’ and that’s when I started taking photos.”

Nadia captured a few pictures of the adorable koala while she waited for an animal rescue worker to show up. Once authorities arrived to the gas station, they took the koala to a safe placed and released it back into the wild where it climbed a tree and posed for another picture before going on its way.

Video Report on the Koala via 9 News Adelaide Below