Koreans Try Whiskey For First Time In Hysterical Video

Solfa YouTube Channel

It’s no secret that American whiskey is an acquired taste; you either have it or you don’t! Throughout the years, whiskey brands such as Jack Daniels have been labeled as “a man’s drink” due to its incredibly strong taste and fiery kick! As essentially every movie portrays the rich, older man lounging in his luxurious mansion drinking his handy whiskey on the rocks, as well as the ruthless cowboy ordering a large shot in the rustic saloon, it’s no wonder where these masculine connections come from!

For those of you who haven’t yet felt the conflicting kick of the devil’s juice, we strongly encourage that you watch this downright hilarious video just for some insight! And for those of you that have, this one will simply be pure laughs for your day!

A group of Korean natives took on the challenge of trying whiskey for the first time in an impromptu video! We heavily applause these brave young ladies, as well the the only gentleman, in their courage and bravery in this battle. However, not all battles can be won.

Although our lone lad responds with an excited “Yes, I’m drinking whiskey,” upon being informed of their task for the video, a few of the other participants we’re not as enthused.

“Whoa, something about it looks strong,” one of the girls remarks! Damn straight, my dear! There is absolutely nothing weak about our whiskey! A few of the girls joke about how they’ve seen the serving of whiskey portrayed in films, imitating the dramatic slamming of the shot and sliding of the glass from one end of the bar counter to the other! Pretty spot on if you ask us!

After a very awkward struggle from one of our participants to open the bottle alone, the shots are poured and the fun begins!

“Smells manly,” one of them says, following his shot with “I feel like I smell [manly]!” Trying his best to hide his incessant coughing, the man of the group claims he’s a fan and is immediately reaching for more!

However, the girls aren’t as convinced. Claiming they don’t understand why people love the drink so much, they tell the camera, “My tongue feels paralyzed!”

Watch this hilarious video for yourself and tell us your whiskey opinions! Could you handle it?