Lainey Wilson Makes Relationship Debut at ACM Awards

Variety / YouTube

Looks like she’s off the market, folks!

For a few weeks now, Lainey Wilson has been the subject of relationship rumors with former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Devlin “Duck” Hodges. When she was opening for Luke Combs in Pittsburgh on April 29th, Lainey and her entire band wore Hodges jerseys.

Fans began tweeting him, and noting that he’d be ecstatic about it…and he saw them, and seemed to be in disbelief!

Did she really?!?! Y’all are lying !!!! @laineywilson holla at me !!!” he wrote, to which she replied, “This is me hollerin’.”

Fans have started to dissect his every move on Twitter and it seems he is an outspoken fan of Lainey Wilson’s and has been for a few months. The earliest recent tweet he made about her was on January 31st.

And on April 19th, he answered an iHeartCountry graphic that asked which country star’s Direct Messages would you slide into, and he tweeted, “Lainey Wilson…literally.”

Well…there are rumors no more!

Lainey and Duck walked the “black” carpet at the 2023 ACM Awards together, publicly confirming their relationship status.

Duck was ever the proud beau to his girlfriend, who took home a whopping four awards! See more photos of them throughout the night below!

Watch them walk the red carpet together below!