Lee Brice & Wife Announce Arrival Of ‘Newest Member Of Our Family’

Sara Brice / Instagram

The Brice family just got a little bit bigger!

Country singer Lee Brice and his wife Sara are parents to 10-year-old Takoda, 5-year-old Ryker and almost two-year-old Trulee, but they still have room in their hearts for more additions, whether it be children or pets.


Lee, whose current single “Rumor” is currently sitting at number 20 on Billboard‘s Top Country Songs chart, and his wife have settled into life as a family of five, but are open to having more children.

In a December 2018 interview with PEOPLE, Sara said, “For now, we feel settled and blessed with our three healthy, beautiful children, We’ve always left that part up to God, though, so you never know!

While they didn’t add another child to their family just yet, they did expand – with a new puppy!

The Brice family already has two adorable dogs named Jax and Knox, pictured below, but they felt ready for one more!


Sara debuted the little pup on Instagram on Monday (March 25) with an adorable photo of the pup stretching.

Meet the newest member of our family … Blu Bear Brice ?,” she captioned the cute photo. She also said that Blu has been dubbed “Ryker’s puppy.”


Their son Ryker’s love for Blu Bear is already so apparent in the few snaps we’ve seen.


The adorable dog likely got his name because of his one blue eye.


Blu Bear is an Aussiedor breed, which is a Labrador and Australian Shepherd mix, according to Sara’s Instagram Story.

sara_brice / Instagram

The pup seems to be getting along with everyone in the Brice family, including their horse.


Welcome to the family, Blu Bear Brice!