Elvis’ Ghost Said To Haunt Former ‘Louisiana Hayride’ Venue, The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

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Celebrity Ghost Stories Haunt & Mesmerize

Who out there hasn’t gathered with their friends around the glow of a flashlight or fire to share scary stories? The same old tales are often handed down from one person to the next…stories about werewolves, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night.

But anyone who’s listened to their fair share of spooky stories knows that tales about ghosts always bring on the most goosebumps.

Because of the other-worldly lives they live during this time on Earth, celebrities often find themselves the subject of ghost stories once they pass away. The fascination around these famous figures lingers long after their passing, leaving fans excited over the idea of encountering their ghost.

Where Does “The King’s” Spirit Linger?

As one of the most iconic celebrities of all time, you can bet that Elvis Presley has been the subject of a fair share of ghost stories. “The King” is reported to haunt dozens of places, especially his Graceland mansion.

A 2014 report by the Houston Press says that numerous individuals have claimed they’ve felt Elvis’ presence in the mansion, saying they feel a “buzz” or “vibe” in the kitchen. Others also believe they have seen Elvis’ face peeking through the house’s windows.

While Graceland is the place where the most Elvis ghost sightings are reported, another hot spot is the Las Vegas Hilton, where Elvis performed when he was in Sin City.

According to the Houston Press‘ report, the ghost of “The King” has been seen throughout the hotel, always in a place that had a personal connection to him: the penthouse suite, the basement, a freight elevator, and the performance venue.

The Houston Press references singer Wayne Newton, who once claimed that he saw Elvis watching him from the hotel’s venue while he sang. But the stage at the Las Vegas Hilton isn’t the only performance venue that Elvis’ spirit supposedly haunts.

A Hayride Haunting

From 1948-1960, The Louisiana Hayride was one of the post popular programs in all of country music. What started as a radio show eventually turned into a television program as well, boosting the talents of artists that would go on to become major stars.

For years, the Hayride was the second most popular country music program out there, with only the Grand Ole Opry outranking it in terms of popularity and prestige.

What made the Hayride different from the Opry was the fact that the program liked to showcase more unknown artists who had proved their talent, but just hadn’t struck it big yet. One of the up-and-coming artists it showcased in 1954 was a young Elvis, who first played on its radio program.

He returned to the program the following year, and it had made the jump to television by then. The program became the first to ever televise one of Elvis’ performances, exposing him to a wider audience then ever before.

The program was hosted in the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in its namesake city in Louisiana. While the Hayride ended its production decades ago, the venue is still in operation today.

And according to many who visit there, it still hosts Elvis as a guest…but a ghostly one.

What One Tour Guide Has To Say

In 2013, KTBS 3 News out of Shreveport ran an article about the Elvis hauntings reported by those who visit the auditorium. According to the many claims, Elvis’ spirit can be spotted throughout the venue.

Tour guide Teresa Micheels told the outlet that they always say that Elvis is still in the auditorium, but no one knows for sure.

We do have a saying Elvis hasn’t left the building, but the truth is I don’t know if Elvis is still here. We don’t have any proof, but everybody that comes looks for Elvis,” she said.

The KTBS article cites an investigation conducted by the crew of the Syfy channel’s long-running tv series, Ghost Hunters, who visited the venue in 2013. During their visit, the crew claimed they heard a man’s voice trying to speak to them, prompting them to wonder if they had just come in contact with Elvis.

While Micheels doesn’t totally buy the idea that Elvis’ ghost is in the building, she doesn’t deny the fact that it is an eerie place. In addition to Elvis ghost sightings, visitors also report seeing a young girl ghost in a blue dress and hearing a woman moaning in the basement bathroom.

The auditorium’s haunted history is now so well-known that you can actually take a ghost tour of the venue. Stop by and take one of those tours the next time you’re in Louisiana…you may encounter the ghost of Elvis if you do!