Don’t Be Surprised If You Cry Over Blake Shelton’s Brand-New Single

Blake Shelton / Instagram

How We First Heard Of Blake’s New Single

Two years after the release of his album Texoma Shore, which produced three singles, Blake Shelton is already looking toward the next step in his career.

A few days ago, Shelton teased a new single off of an upcoming future project, simply sharing the single artwork and its title, “God’s Country.” He also shared a short audio clip.

Blake later released a statement about the song so fans could get a better idea of what it’s all about. He described its overall meaning and as well as what it means to him personally, since he has lived the country lifestyle since he was a boy.

“‘God’s Country’ is a song that has a strong and deep meaningful lyric, but at the same time it leaves it up to the listeners’ interpretation,” he said.

But no matter where you are from or where you’re standing it is my belief that you’re standing in God’s Country. It’s really about a state of mind. Wherever you’re from and how you feel about that place. For me, it’s about being from Oklahoma – where I was born, raised and still live today.”

In the days that followed, Shelton continued to tease the song by sharing still, black and white images along with lyrics.

Fans soaked in every last bit of information they could get from these images in an attempt to piece together the song before its release on Friday (March 29).

But no one was prepared to hear “God’s Country” in full when it was finally released. That’s because the song packs a more powerful punch than any of Shelton’s teasers hinted at.

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Anyone who has lived or still lives the country lifestyle will feel an emotional reaction to the song from the start. The lyrics, including lines such as “the Devil went down to Georgia but he didn’t stick around, this is God’s country,” combined with the ramped up, almost rock-like production will leave you covered in goosebumps.

To go along with the song, Shelton released a “visualizer” video. This video is the source of those black and white images he was teasing on social media, which depict scenes of rural America and the people who live there.

In the video, these images move, fade, and pixelate in coordination with the music, creating a work of art just as stunning as the song it’s meant to represent.

Blake Shelton / YouTube

Get ready to check out Shelton’s new video for his new single “God’s Country” below. It’s sure to give you chills, and we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it makes you cry as well.

There’s no denying it, this is one of the most powerful and passionate songs that Shelton has ever released.