Lee Greenwood Joins Clemson Marching Band For 2017 ‘God Bless The USA’ Military Tribute

Clemson University Athletic Video Services/Facebook

Just about every college football team hosts their own Military Appreciation football game. It usually takes place around Veterans Day and with a school like Clemson, who has a large military alumni, they weren’t going to pass up an opportunity to honor them.


According to Defense Video Imagery System, veterans, servicemembers, cadets and more were honored during a pre-game parade at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium. The tributes continued into the halftime celebration when veterans of all branches of the military were brought on the field followed by a 21-gun salute from Clemson’s Pershing Rifles and the playing of “Taps,” honoring our fallen heroes.


After this tribute, country singer Lee Greenwood joined Clemson’s marching band to perform his iconic song “God Bless The USA.” The crowd cheered as he sang the opening note and as the cameras panned to the seats, you can see some people singing along with Greenwood.

In the second verse, he changed the lyrics to, “Where there’s pride in every Tiger heart,” prompting the fans to cheer for their team’s mascot.

With every execution of each note, Greenwood made us feel more and more patriotic and thankful for the men and women who protect our country.

Before he walked off the field, he turned around and saluted. Watch Greenwood’s performance with Clemson’s marching band below.