Little Boy Catches First Fish – Wants To Touch Him & Name Him

BabyTedster / YouTube

One father took his role very seriously as he started to teach his young son the beauty of fishing, in what is perhaps our favorite viral video we have ever laid eyes on.

Little Teddy was well-equipped for his fishing trip with his dad as he sported his life vest complete with a cartoon rubber ducky on it.

BabyTedster / YouTube

Teddy is first seen standing on a small wooden dock, eagerly reeling in his fishing rod when he felt a pull at the line. After reeling in, he swung around his freshly captured fish in his dad’s direction.

He let out an unexpected scream in fear when he saw the fish, which is said to be his very first catch. Teddy’s dad exclaimed, “I think you got a fish! Pull it up!”

The little boy pulled his line from the water and angled it over to his father who is undoubtedly filled with pride!

BabyTedster / YouTube

“I got one,” shouted Teddy.

As his dad explained that his hands are full, he encouraged the little fisherman to pet the fish himself, Teddy froze. “What name is he?” Teddy asked his dad, who gave the boy the choice of picking his own original name for his first fish.

“Free,” Teddy said, naming his catch perhaps the most ironic name possible.

After admiring the fish and exclaiming how “beautiful” he his, Teddy finally mustered up the courage to touch his fish, as he proudly told his dad, “I touched him!” with a huge smile on his face.

It’s refreshing to see such a young boy enjoying the great outdoors! Nice work, Teddy!