Luke Bryan Found Out About Blake Shelton’s Wedding Along With Everyone Else

Gwen Stefani / Instagram, Luke Bryan / Instagram

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani recently tied the knot in a glamorous ceremony on the country singer’s Oklahoma Ranch, but not many of the couple’s friends made the guest list. 

In an interview with People, fellow country singer, Luke Bryan, admitted that he did not receive an invite to his longtime friend’s wedding. The “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” singer explained that he did not even know the happy couple planned to tie the knot over Independence Day weekend. 


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Shelton and Stefani choose to have a very intimate ceremony that focused on family. The newlyweds decided to keep the guest list very small, and Bryan is not the least bit hurt by the lack of invitation. The singer is still planning on giving the couple a wedding present; however, Bryan promises that his gift will be “embarrassing.”

“I found out [about the wedding] with the rest of the world,” Bryan stated. “But … I have started my mental wedding gift soirée. I’m going to get a big box and there will be embarrassing items in there.”

Bryan has a reputation for being a prankster, so it does not come as a surprise that the singer plans to put a “Luke Bryan touch” on the wedding gift.

“They’ll be funny, sarcastic items, so Blake and Gwen can expect my wedding gift with the Luke Bryan touch on it,” Bryan promised.


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Bryan might be planning a gag gift for the newlyweds, but the singer also genuinely expressed his congratulations to the couple. Bryan remarked that Shelton and Stefani wed at the “perfect age to rekindle marriage” and that the two were “made for each other.”

For more on Shelton and Stefani’s private wedding affair, check out the following video.