Luke Bryan Says He’s Got A Huge Belly Button…And Proves It!


This country singer isn’t afraid to say that he’s got the world’s biggest belly button, and some of his radio DJ friends have him prove it!

Talking with Big D and Bubba, Luke Bryan gets brought back into a time a few years ago where he stated that he had “the world’s biggest belly button” – and apparently it runs in his family!

“It’s a big belly button!” He tells the hosts. “And my sons both have it.”

But that’s not the only family association with his massive umbilicus – as the scientific community calls it. Nope, his momma also took notice of his silver-dollar sized belly button and started calling it his “sugar bowl” because it was approximately the same size!

“Sugar bowls!” He exclaimed, then impersonating his mom. “Go in there and clean out your sugar bowl! You got lint in your sugar bowl!

But that’s not where the hilarious interview ends. They decide to see if his is bigger than one of the hosts and end up in a fit of laughter!

We won’t spoil the funny end to this interview, so make sure you watch the video below!