Luke Bryan Spotted Dancing To His Own Song On Nashville Predators Dance Cam In 2017


During the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it brought out some of the best hockey all year, with some of the most passionate fans cheering them on.

Y’all have heard of kiss cams, but dance cams have become the latest craze, and several have gone viral thanks to the fans and their epic dance moves.

Well, the dance cam at the Nashville Predators game caught one country star jamming out to his own hit! Bridgestone Arena blasted “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” from their speakers and they just had to catch Luke Bryan’s reaction.

He saw himself on the jumbotron and just held up his cocktail, while his kids were dancing like crazy! He finally started dancing to his song and looked like he was having a great time with it – everyone around him did!

How often can you catch a country singer on a dance cam dancing to his own song? Only in Nashville!

Watch the video below.