Luke, Jason, Darius, & Charles Become Outlaws In ‘Straight to Hell’ Music Video

DariusRuckerVEVO / YouTube

Rucker Finally Records Song He Always Wanted

Leading up to the CMT Music Awards in 2018, Darius Rucker revealed some big news. He would be debuting his brand-new song, “Straight to Hell” that night, and he’d have some help from a few famous friends.

Even though the song is new to Rucker, it isn’t actually new. It was originally recorded by Drivin’ N Cryin’, and Rucker had wanted to record it for decades.

Speaking to Taste of Country Nights, Rucker said that he never got around to cutting the song. That is, until one night when Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum called him to say he heard the song, and thought Rucker should sing it. He had no idea that he had always wanted to do so.

Bringing A Few Friends On Board

At Kelley’s suggestion, Rucker decided to finally record the song he had wanted to sing for so long. But he also wasn’t going to be doing it alone. Kelley asked if he could sing it along with Rucker, and he was happy to have him as his duet partner!

But as the two got to talking, they realized that it would be fun to have Luke Bryan on the track. So they invited him to sing it too, and he was on board.

They didn’t end it there though! Later, Rucker came across Jason Aldean and decided to ask him to sing on the track as well. He was game for the idea, and soon the four pals were ready to take on their new collaboration.

Rucker & Friends Rock CMT Music Awards

Rucker, Kelley, Bryan, and Aldean debuted their rendition of “Straight to Hell” at the CMT Music Awards, and it was a huge hit. Fans were buzzing about the performance long after the show was over, talking about how it brought back the old-school country sound of decades ago.

At that time, it was already known that Rucker and his friends had recorded a music video for “Straight to Hell.” Based on a teaser image shared in the past, fans were fully expecting to see a Wild West-styled video, likely set in a saloon.

Well, everyone’s thoughts were right on point, because when the video was finally released, they all proved to be true.

Take The Money And Run

The video opens with Kelley showing up at the saloon and meeting up with Rucker, who eventually finds Aldean as well. All three fellas enjoy a bunch of drinks before the focus shifts to Bryan, who wins a load of cash in a game of poker.

Most of the video follows the guys’ rowdy antics, centered on drinking and playing cards. But things take a shift when the police shows up to check out the saloon.

The four friends decide to take advantage of the other patrons’ panic and take off with as much cash as they can grab. Stuffing hats, bags, and coats, they run out of the saloon with the police hot on their heels.

That should be enough of a description to let you know just how wild this music video is! Go ahead and check it out below.