Man Doesn’t Unhook Fish Tent & Drives Off With Buddy Still Inside

Get in There Outdoors / YouTube

Seth Trobec and his buddy Cody Mjolsness were ice fishing on a lake in northern Minnesota and filming a video for his YouTube page, Get In There Outdoors, when they capture an incident that is making the video go viral.

The footage showed the two men inside the fishing tent with their chairs and fishing poles geared and ready to have a great time trying to catch some trout. Cody was unzipping the tent to go out and hop on their snowmobile so he could go pick up their other buddy and continue the fishing.

Get in There Outdoors / YouTube

The only problem was when Cody got on the snowmobile, he forgot to unhook it from their fishing tent and drove off with it still connected, and Seth still inside.

All Seth could do was hold on for dear life and he tried to do that but was eventually dived out of an open gap in the tent and tumbled across the ice.

Fortunately, Seth was not injured during the incident, however, the fishing pole he was using snapped in half dragged. He said the other two poles had to be thawed out before using again after being drug across the snow.

The accident happened on Canisteo Pit north of Coleraine, where both of the men live. Click below to watch the footage!