Man Found Camping On Disney World’s Discovery Island During Lockdown

CBS Miami - YouTube (left) / Google Maps (right)

A man in Orange County, Florida was fined for trespassing on March 30, 2020, after he was found camping on one of Walt Disney World’s abandoned islands.

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Posted by William Todd Hamilton on Saturday, May 2, 2020

The island is called Discovery Island located in Bay Lake which used to be called Treasure Island when it opened in 1974. This island has sat abandoned for the past 20 years and used to be a zoo that housed over 130 species of animals before it closed in 1999.

Disney World’s security spotted the trespasser near 4301 N. World Drive on Thursday and called the Orange County police department who put boots on the ground, a boat in the water, and a helicopter in the sky to search for the suspect.

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They finally found 42-year-old Richard McGuire in one of the buildings and arrested him. When asked why he didn’t respond to their loudspeaker when they tried to call for him, he said he was sleeping in what he described as a “tropical paradise” and he didn’t hear them.

Richard told authorities he didn’t know the property was off limits, he’d been there since Monday and planned on camping for a week. Disney World said there were numerous “no trespassing” signs everywhere, plus, the entire park was closed since the lockdown. Richard was charged with trespassing and permanently banned from all Walt Disney World properties.

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