Construction Workers Caught On Roof Of 3-Story Home As Storm Hits Nashville

Tiffany Holt/WSMV News4

Four construction workers found themselves in an unusually dangerous situation when a storm blew into Nashville on Sunday afternoon (May 3). The four men were on the roof of a three-story home when a storm suddenly hit the area, leaving the workers scrambling for safety…and it was all caught on camera.

Tiffany Holt, who lives in south Nashville, told local media that she went to the window to take a picture of the scenery and the oncoming storms when she noticed the four men on the roof of a home nearby. As her camera rolled, the rain poured and debris flew through the air as the men race for safety.

“Seriously sweetie, I’m scared to death for them,” Holt can be heard saying to her husband in the video.

One man appears to fall through the trusses just before the rain hinders the camera view. Holt’s husband can be heard saying, “It’s a tornado,” and urging his wife to seek shelter. But, Tiffany continued to watch the men and is heard pleading with them to “hold on” as another man appears to be struck by an airborne piece of wood.

“It was like 15 seconds and it happened so fast and I just wanted to make sure they were ok,” Holt told NEWS4 in an exclusive interview.

“They were screaming. All these houses here could hear the screams,” she said. “Boards off the house started flying. Gutters and trees started splitting.”

Thankfully, the men were okay. Holt said that she and her husband spoke to them after the storm.

“We talked to them they were right here and said do you want to come in and take shelter. They wanted to get in the car and get out. So they were fine,” Holt said.

See the footage captured by Tiffany Holt in the video below.