Man Pulls Out Gun On Bull At Rodeo

Local News 8 / YouTube

That Famous Preston Night Rodeo located in Preston, Idaho had the largest crowds in its history with some of the most spectacular, top-notch cowboy roping, riding, and racing.

Professional rodeo clown JJ Harrison said in a statement on Facebook, “That Famous Preston Night Rodeo was action packed and the crowd was electric! Thanks for having us…we love Idaho so much our next stop is Sandpoint. Let’s go!” 

Gov. Brad Little and the rest of the bull riding community sat in the crowd and enjoyed many unforgettable moments, but there was one moment that was truly unforgettable. It wasn’t from a cowboy riding a bull, roping, or racing their horse either.

The most viral moment of the night came when a bull threw his rider off his back and took off running to the west side of the arena. With a lot of force, the bull eyed its sights for a fence and with all it could, tried to jump over it and escape.

Screaming spectators in the area began to clear their seats and run away in fear that the bull was going to make it over the fence. Everyone scrammed but one man, and this man was standing right beside the bull pointing his pistol in its face. 

At the top of the fence was a cable the bull was balancing on and it broke, causing the bull to lose its balance and, fortunately, fall back into the arena.

Rodeo clowns immediately jumped into action and distracted the bull enough to stop it from trying to escape into the crowds again.

The bull was then corralled and placed back behind a chute where he was no longer a danger to himself or others. The fans made their way back to their seats as rodeo officials and volunteers quickly found a fence panel to repair the gap in the fence and continued on with the show.

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below