Martina McBride Suffers Devastating Loss

YouTube/Larry King Live

The longtime country singer and her family suffered a heartbreaking loss just days after the Christmas holiday.

Martina McBride, who is known worldwide for her incredible vocal talent and unforgettable songs like, “Broken Wing”, “My Valentine”, “Independence Day” and more recently revealed to her fans that she and her family had endured a truly devastating loss over the holidays.

According to a recent post on social media, McBride revealed that her father-in-law, John Douglas McBride passed away on December 30th, just two years after his wife of nearly 60 years had passed, too.

Martina and husband, also named John McBride, welcomed some of the family’s closest and dearest friends to join in for a celebration of life for the man that they all had cherished for many years.

The senior McBride had served in the United States Air Force before chartering a career as an attorney in Wichita, Kansas for several years. He then returned to school and achieved a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University followed by a Doctorate of Anthropology from Wichita State and began working as a professor of anthropology and business at the school, heading up multiple departments. He was often listed as one of the favorite professors at the school by many students.

Martina McBride and her husband John McBride have both been deeply involved in the music industry for many years with John working tremendously hard on the back end and running a much sought after recording studio as well as starting The Blackbird Academy – a school specifically for students learning the recording arts.

John Douglas McBride was an avid music fan and likely inspired his son to become the incredible producer and sound engineer he is. In addition to music, he enjoyed the literary arts, writing letters and reading stories, and had a strong appreciation for tennis and bridge. Many close to him were delighted by his intellectual humor.

During the gathering of friends and family in celebration of his life, his daughter-in-law, Martina McBride shared a photo of a simple table spread with food, drinks, dishes, and a stunning flower centerpiece.

“I’ve had more great meals and great memories around this table than I can count,” She wrote in the photo’s caption. “My mother-in-law was a fantastic cook and an amazing hostess and right beside her for 59 years was her husband John. They were two of the best people I have ever known. She left us 2 years ago and we have said our goodbyes to them both now. I’m just happy that they are together again.”

The sentiment she provided and remembrance of John Douglas McBride’s life is one of the sweetest we have ever heard. What an incredible moment they got to share with the people who loved him the most.

We are keeping the entire McBride family in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with this great loss.

See her full social media post below and watch her music video for “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” below.