Marty Stuart & Connie Smith’s Romantic Duet Shows Just How Much They Love Each Other

Karl Walter / Getty Images

Talk about romantic! Marty Stuart and Connie Smith, married in 1997, performed a swoon-worthy duet – “I Run To You” – on Stuart’s show that expressed with such obviousness just how much they need each other.

Stuart and Smith have an unconventional love story, but it really proves that when something is meant to be, it will be. 17 years his senior, Smith actually met Stuart when he was 12 years old in July of 1970 at her concert.

In an interview where Stuart and Smith reminisce about the first time they met, he admits that he probably remembers the story better than she does. He remembers exactly where he sat and taking a photograph with his sister and his future bride.

Classic Country Music / YouTube

Smith remembers Stuart being a kid without a bashful bone in his body, not afraid to ask questions, and very curious. “I was impressed,” she says in the interview.  After her performance, Stuart made his way over to her, who was sitting in a car and asked if he could snap a photo of her, and he did! How adorable does Connie look?

Classic Country Music / YouTube

The real kicker is, as Stuart was leaving the venue he said, “Mama, I’m gonna marry her someday.” Years later, he did, and their love is so apparent when they sing together, as can be seen in the “I Run To You” performance.

“I Run To You” actually earned the couple a Grammy nomination in 2010, which comes as no surprise because when their voices combine, something mesmerizing is created, and in this song especially, we can really feel the emotion.

Watch them perform it below.