Nicole Kidman Tells Keith Urban He Is ‘So Loved’ In Birthday Post On Instagram

(Left) Nicole Kidman / Instagram/(Right) Keith Urban / Instagram

Saturday (October 26) was Keith Urban‘s 52nd birthday, and from the looks of it, we’d say he had a happy day!

It seems that Urban’s birthday was made extra special thanks to his wife, Nicole Kidman. In a post on Instagram, Urban thanked everyone for wishing him a happy birthday, and shared a photo that showed Kidman behind a mountain of presents and a big bunch of balloons.

Thank you to EVERYONE for all the birthday love !!!!!!!!! (it’s all in the details xxxx…” he wrote.

In addition to showering her husband with gifts, Kidman celebrated his birthday on her own Instagram page.

Kidman posted a snuggly snapshot with Urban, and the photo was accompanied by an equally sweet caption. She kept the caption short and simple, but it contained just enough words to let Urban know how special he is to her.

Happy Birthday Keith Lionel.. you are so loved,” Kidman wrote, referencing Urban’s middle name, “Lionel” in her message.

How sweet is that? These two make our hearts melt!

We’re glad Urban got the chance to enjoy his birthday with his family and friends this year. He was on the road the day before and the day after his birthday in 2018, but was still surrounded by love.

Urban’s crew went the extra mile to surprise him after the show that took place the day before his birthday. He came on his bus after the concert and discovered it had been filled to the brim with balloons.

When u can’t even get on your own bus cause your road family is SOOOOOO awesome !!!!!!!‬” he wrote in a post showcasing his crew’s handiwork.

Urban also shared a video of his decorated bus, which you can watch below.

After Urban was surprised by so many balloons for his birthday last year, it makes sense why he had a lot of balloons at his birthday gathering this year as well. We hope he had a wonderful day!