Oliver Anthony Covers Randy Travis’ “On The Other Hand”

Oliver Anthony/TikTok/TNN/YouTube

Oliver Anthony’s life has changed dramatically over the course of less than two weeks. With his self-written viral single, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and some cover tunes, Oliver’s fans can’t seem to get enough of the singer. 

Last week Oliver Anthony released a cover of Randy Travis’s “On The Other Hand” on TikTok. He opened the video by saying that he has some original songs that are very close to being finished. He added that that he appreciates everyone’s patience as they wait for new music before he jumped into singing an classic song.

He said in the video posted to TikTok, “This Randy Travis song has been stuck in my head for a decade or two so I figured I go ahead and get this one knocked out.”

He instantly goes into strumming his beautiful handmade guitar and captivated his viewers once again with this rendition of the timeless Randy Travis classic, “On The Other Hand.” His smooth strumming and deep voice immediately transported listeners back to the nostalgic time Randy First sang this iconic song.


@oliveranthonymusic / TikTok

Facts About Randy Travis’s “On The Other Hand”

Originally penned by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz, “On The Other Hand” holds a significant place in American country music. Recorded by Randy Travis, the song was initially released as a single back in July 1985, eventually reaching a modest position on the charts. It marked Travis’ debut single under Warner Bros. Nashville and laid the groundwork for his future successes.

Interestingly, it was only after the triumph of Travis’ following single, “1982,” that “On The Other Hand” was reissued in April 1986. This decision turned out to be pivotal, as the song soared to the top spot on charts in both the United States and Canada, solidifying Travis’ status as a country music star. These two tracks, along with others, found a home on Travis’ 1986 debut album, “Storms of Life,” etching his name into the genre’s history.

Listen To Randy Travis Sing “On The Other Hand”

Learn More About Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony, on the other hand, is new to the country music scene. He made an indelible mark with his original creation, “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The song’s meteoric rise to viral fame occurred almost overnight, propelled by its powerful message that resonated deeply with a lot of people.

Released on YouTube on August 8, 2023, “Rich Men North of Richmond” quickly amassed over 5 million views within its first three days. Prior to this breakout hit, Anthony’s musical journey consisted of self-recorded tracks on his cellphone – a far cry from his current trajectory. The song’s lyrics and Anthony’s raw, authentic vocal delivery shows his potential as a professional artist.

In light of this, his cover of “On The Other Hand” not only shows his musical appreciation for the songs that inspired him but also pays a heartfelt homage to this Randy Travis.

So, for fans eagerly awaiting Anthony’s upcoming original releases, this cover offers a glimpse into his creative potential. As his journey continues to unfold, one can only anticipate the unique ways in which he’ll fuse these old influences into his new creations. For now, let’s take a look at his rendition below!

Listen To Oliver Anthony Sing “On The Other Hand” Below