Parents Cry After Their Son Auditions For “The Voice Kids UK” With “Country Roads”

The Voice Kids UK/YouTube

This is one performance you’ll never forget. And, it’s not just because this young man puts on such an incredible performance.

Seven Years Old

Seven-year-old Shaney Lee gave the judges answers to their questions that are both heartwarming and hilarious in a cute and endearing way.

Youtube / The Voice Kids UK

Along the way, he reminds himself that during his performance he must smile, dance a little, hold the microphone firmly and tap his foot. It’s a formula for success!

His Pony’s Name Is Bobby

Shaney, a huge fan of country music, shares with the judges he’s even been to see Kenny Rogers. The excitement of the event still lingers in the boy’s bubbly responses. The young lad proceeds to tell the judges and audience he arrived for his audition by way of his Shetland pony named Bobby Brown.

Youtube / The Voice Kids UK

The crowd already loved young Shaney before he even began to perform.

Once he began singing the late John Denver‘s signature song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” emotions ran wild. This pint-sized cowboy brought down the house.


We think Denver, who died in 1997 from injuries sustained in a crash of his experimental aircraft, would have loved Shaney’s “awww”-inspiring performance.

The boy’s mom and dad were moved to tears, the audience gave him a standing ovation, and the judges were listening in disbelief.

Youtube / The Voice Kids UK

It’s Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn! Listen to this delivery of the iconic and unforgettable “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Is it as good as we said?