Parents Scream When Son In Marine Corps Shows Up On Thanksgiving

Homecoming Heroes / YouTube

At any given moment in communities across America, brave men and women of the United States military can be found reuniting with their loved ones. After spending months – or even years – apart from those who mean the most to them, the reunions are often those packed with emotion, especially during the holidays…

Whether the reunion takes place between a pet desperately unaware of why his master never came home or two family members, the moment they are together once again is the emotional ride of a lifetime.

Back in 2012, a Marine surprised his parents on Thanksgiving day, the man met with immense excitement by his parents who couldn’t believe their eyes when they hear “It smells delicious in here” from the other room.

Homecoming Heroes / YouTube

To pull the whole thing off, the Marine needed to come up with a plan so his parents wouldn’t suspect anything.

“About a month before Thanksgiving, my brother told my parents he couldn’t come for Thanksgiving. He was really planning how to surprise them. So that morning my other brother and sister picked him up from the airport, and I stayed at home to make sure I could record my parents’ reaction. He came in saying ‘It smells delicious in here,’ so that my parents would just think it was just my other brother and be even more surprised when they saw him!” shared the Marine’s brother with Homecoming Heroes.

Wearing his dress blues proudly, the young hero sneaks up behind his parents, his father leaping into his son’s arms upon his arrival. Shocked, his mother struggles to put sentences together, completely overjoyed at her short but sweet visit with her son.

You can watch the moving reunion below and let us know if you’ve ever surprised someone you love during the holidays in the comments!